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I am a multi-disciplinary artist, teacher and thinker. Most of my background is in dance and choreography but my work keeps evolving and I can now say I am also a visual artist who works in video and performance. In 2008 I moved back to my hometown of Baltimore after more than ten years spent abroad in Bogotá, Colombia and London, England.

I Will Disappear To You

We Perform Duo Loop Invention for Future Memories

Westport Crawl (fragment)


This contemporary dance company integrates disabled and non-disabled dancers in educational and artistic production. I have been active since its founding in Bogotá in 2007 and continue to be part of the group, albeit from a distance. Click here for more information.

Restos Imaginarios

Restos Imaginarios
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Curious Space

Cuatro Adentro

Un Momento, Por Favor

Lugares Suspendidos

Lugares Suspendidos
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Baker nomination

Check out my nomination for the Baker artist awards: http://bakerartistawards.org/nomination/view/meghan_flanigan

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